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Projects' Picks
Projects Picks

Projects' Picks

Digital Signage

Here below are listed PlanetVal most significant experiences and projects:

  • “Vinces Project” in Valle D’Aosta Region, a touristic channel and internal Channel Television
  • Collaboration with major Italian Consortium for electric materials distribution, and a project for internal TV trading channel. This application will connect on a single network almost 250 screens located inside trading centres of the Group all over Italy.
  • Several skiing slopes: informative channel for tourists, with automatic connection to internal data base, webstreaming cam and weather forecasting control units.
  • Fitness Centre: internal TV channel for entertainment, advertisement, technical support to sport activities

Digital Terrestrial

  • Corecom (Regional Communication Committee) located in Aosta and Council Premiership of Valle D’Aosta Region, applications on DTT platform


  • La Thuile , WiFi coverage of touristic district, VoIP system, weather forecasting control units and internal Channel Television, webcam and streaming webcam
  • Pila, WiFi coverage of skiing slopes, webcam systems
  • Torgnon, WiFi coverage of skiing slopes and surrounding area
  • Aosta Innovation Centre, radio link between the Innovation Centre and the custom-house location
  • Fondazione Montagna Sicura (Safe Mountain’s Foundation), radio link between the Monzino hut and the Courmayeur Mountain Guides’ seat
  • INVA, backbone radio
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