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Company Profile

Company Profile


PlanetVal was born in March 2004 with the aim to boost professional experience and skills matured in Planet SrL, by means of project management and the realization of innovative and high value added solutions in the following domains:

  • IP-Streaming Video solutions
  • Applications on interactive TV
  • Digital signage Projects and Internal TV Channels
  • Digital Terrestrial solutions and applications
  • Multimedia data streaming systems on wireless networks

PlanetVal appears on the market as a specialized company. The Company focuses its attention on most advanced communication technologies, with experiences appreciated nationwide in different fields.

Planet SrL is operative since 1996 and since then it has grown in terms of personnel and professionals, clients portfolio, income and skills combined to a clear and focused offer. The company projects, realizes and handles innovative infrastructures, enabling its customers with most advanced communication technologies and data-video-voice convergence systems.

This way the Group can offer a full range of services and projects to customers, in order to realize and manage the most appropriate solution for performance strengthening.

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