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comunicazioni wireless e per la montagna - applicazioni per il turismo

Multimedia Wireless
Wireless Communication
in Alpine Environment
Solution for Tourism

Wifi Network for Haulage Cable Facilities

 Reti Wifi per Impianti a Fune

The aim of projects in this area is the realization of wireless LAN infrastructure connected to company’s database. Wi fi technology can optionally be applied to ski slopes turnstile, to video surveillance systems located on ski slopes, to bearing systems, with connections to serial devices like Lumiplan or others, weather forecast stations etc. The infrastructure may also constitute the basis for the development of a telephone system over IP protocol. It will be interesting to convey in the system the management of connections of snow-making plant.


Weather Forecast Station

 Weather forecast station

Visualization of meteorological data, collected by sensors for measurement of main variables (temperature, humidity and precipitation, wind direction and speed). Accessory instrumental allocation allows real time data acquisition. Also information collection depends on instruments allocation in each station: radio transmission or GPRS transmission or suitable remote monitoring systems. Under different circumstances meteorological data collection is done on site with direct link up between the weather forecast station and a mobile computer. Even real time visualization of assessed variables is dependent from instrumental allocation of each single weather station.

Visualization of ski slopes and ski run conditions

Visualization of Ski Slopes and Ski Run Conditions

 Visualization of ski slopes and ski run conditions

Visualization of ski run chart and current forecast conditions. Ski run graph of haulage cable facilities, with punctual information concerning ski run conditions, ski-lift facilities, snowfall information and further information as freephone, restaurants etc…

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