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Multimedia Wireless
Wireless Communication
in Alpine Environment
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Multimedia wireless networks

Multimedia Wireless Networks

 Multimedia Wireless Networks

Wireless networks offer:

  • Band high availability with reduced latency time
  • Service high availability in different climate conditions, also in presence of disturbance source
  • Absolute security
  • Broadband distribution among different users, however ensuring the privacy
  • User’s profiling in terms of broadband availability, priority etc.

Our company has matured deep knowledge of wireless technology and, thanks to pacticalness of solutions and elasticity, we can offer flexible solutions in terms of simplicity and installation dynamism. By means of wireless equipment, we realize installations in any location. We offer quick realization of scalable and secure dorsals, where data-video-voice services are efficiently routed, with performances equivalent to wired network, but with reduced installation charges.

The equipment we suggest to use doesn’t need specific license, conversely a simple generic authorization module is required. Environmental impact is limited, as a consequence of reduced dimensions of antennas and due to limited new stonework.

We also offer monitoring and assistance services:

  • On-line monitoring
  • Real time alerts’ system
  • Remote control option

Thanks to our projects, we contribute to Digital Divide overtaking both for private and public institutions owning infrastructures spread on urban or rural areas. Our solutions, by usage of market leaders’ technology, allow the realization of inaccessible, efficient radio hook-up, protected by means of broadband transmission covering large distances also in adverse climate conditions. We often work at the realization of wireless systems sufficiently dimensioned to constitute a basis for further developments as: telephony over IP protocol, videosurveillance, telebearing, serial equipment link-up, weather report station, facilities monitoring etc.

Technology frame

Some applications’ examples are listed below:

  • Environmental monitoring systems, for instance to follow alpine glaciers drift or landslide areas at risk.
  • Solutions to problems and phenomenon inherent to security, mountain rescue and alpine life
  • Management and check of inner warehouse activities (goods receipt, stocking, picking, electronic marking off) by means of industrial terminals or palmtops fitted with bar code reader
  • Data collection as per production development (goods manufacturing process , equipment in use etc. ) by means of industrial terminals fitted with bar code reader;
  • Access to electronic file of patients by surgeons and nurses and to informative data bases (i.e. drug information, therapy etc.) by mobile computer use
  • Mobile computer access to support applications dedicated to educational training activities inside schools and educational centres


All of our suggested equipment doesn’t need specific license, conversely a generic authorization module is sufficient as unique requirement on the part of Telecommunication Office.

Environmental impact

  • Reduced antennas size
  • 100 mW radio strength
  • No stonework needed

Assistance and Monitoring

  • On-line monitoring
  • Real time Alerts’ System
  • Remote Control Options
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