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DVB-T Digital terrestrial

DVB-T Digital Terrestrial


Digital Terrestrial (DVB-T) is a TV streaming digital system, allowing the reception of TV digital channels by common TV dish. This technology adoption fields can be:

  • T-Banking: TV owns suitable features for integration in banks’ multichannel strategies;
  • T-Commerce: it is conceived as a tool for goods and services sales on TV. The competitive advantage with deference to the Internet states in increased products’ exhibition and integration with channels ordinarily dedicated to teleselling.
  • T-Government: any local administration, by means of digital terrestrial TV set, will be able to inform and to provide additional tools aimed at social problems resolution (multi ethnicity, prevention, health) and at the realization of training activities.
  • T-learning: interactive TV can result in useful aid to traditional school instruction and, mainly, in pursuing a relevant function in the field of permanent education.

Our company, thanks to its skills, offers management services and the realization of systems for digital channels testing and launching; supplying and installation of encoders and Multiplexers; supplying and installation of Object Carousel Generator. Furthermore, we offer management and realization of dynamic MHP services, integrated to legacy background, namely company databases, XML content, third parties content supplying. Also, we offer management and low cost realization of content delivery networks (CDN) over IP, with MPEG-2 full D1 quality, H.264, VC1.

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