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Multimedia Informative
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Digital Television

DVB-T Digital Terrestrial

 DVB-T Digital terrestrial

Digital Terrestrial (DVB-T) is a TV streaming digital system, allowing the reception of TV digital channels by common TV dish... Read more>>




IPTV and WebTV describe systems aimed at using IP streaming infrastructure, in order to convey TV contents in digital format through broadband internet connection. TV contents streaming is often offered via Video on demand and is coupled to web and VOIP access, as these services share the same infrastructure... Read more>>



 Multimedia Home Platform

DVB-MHP (acronym for Digital Video broadcasting-Multimedia Home Platform), or simply MHP, is a standard belonging to DVB family which defines the software interface (middleware) between digital interactive applications and suitable devices (set-top box)... Read more>>




Special focus is dedicated to the platform that our Group developed for interactive TV solutions independent from communication infrastructure. The product can manage and monitor in an integrated way a video content delivery system regardless of the nature of source platform, be it a TV programme set on analogical digital terrestrial channel, on satellite channel or digital terrestrial channel... Read more>>


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