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Dynamic Digital Signage

 Dynamic Digital Signage

Dynamic Digital Signage distinctive performance and use domain is variegated:

  • To offer information to customers of a shop, during their purchase decisions
  • To increase brand awareness of new products
  • To educate, to stimulate, to entertain customers
  • To develop messages lenght, with no extra costs for distribution
  • To modify messages by information and prices refresh, with no further economic burden
  • To announce seasonal trade promotions
  • To react promptly to situations on a national, regional or local basis
  • To generate new income

Several companies and governmental bodies can make use of DDS solutions, by use of LCD plasma displays: banks, hospitals, hotels, private companies, shopping malls, specialized shops, theatre auditorium or cinema halls, restaurants, stations (airports, railway stations, bus stations), conference rooms, stadiums, Universities, Museums, Open to public Areas…

The experience matured has taught that any project is unique, which is the reason why we developed strategic alliances with major technology and professional services’ suppliers.

Our company realizes different systems and assures management and assistance, occasionally even by identification and coordination of all entities that may run such a complex project; as a not exhaustive example, financial bodies that might help to better manage hw costs and infrastructure expenses over several years, in order to grant a monthly rental, or even qualified partners committed to sales advertisement, content development, connectivity.

Our project managers provide the customer with a sole contact point, in order to grant the project milestones and costs’ estimation observance. We work in a team owning managerial and technical skills, together with business and marketing experience. This way we can run and best handle all the stages of the project: realization, integration and installation of hardware, software, digital signage and all the appropriate visualization technologies.

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