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Wireless communication and tools to communication in alpine environment
Wireless communication and tools to communication in alpine environment 

Wireless communication and tools to communication in alpine environment

Accessibility services and solutions for tourism and alpine areas communication. The importance of new technologies allows to overcome information and communication problems in the domain of job, education, entertainment, social and public services. By means of solutions realized, our customers can:

  • Increase their efficiency, by means of innovative applications based upon a new concept of communication
  • Save money as per management and maintenance costs’ reduction, by usage of a single communication network
  • Reduce disadvantages due to geographical mobility, by granting their employees easy access to information independently from their location.

Wireless technology, thanks to its inner convenience and elasticity, offers flexible solutions in areas where installation simplicity and dynamism are required. By means of wireless equipment, any location on the territory will be eligible for scalable, efficient installations thus allowing performance at least equivalent to wired network, but with reduced installation costs.

Our wireless networks offer:

  • Band high availability with reduced latency time
  • Service high availability in different climate conditions, also in presence of disturbance source
  • Total security
  • Broadband distribution among different users, however ensuring the privacy
  • User’s profiling in terms of broadband availability, priority etc.
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