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Multimedia Home Platform



DVB-MHP (acronym for Digital Video broadcasting- Multimedia Home Platform), or simply MHP, is a standard belonging to DVB family which defines the software interface (middleware) between digital interactive applications and suitable devices (set-top box).

The architecture is defined by 3 levels:

  1. Resources: MPEG flow management, device I/O, CPU, storage and graphic system
  2. System software: JVM, API, streaming protocols and application manager, allowing management of Java applications’ activities
  3. Functions, that is interactive domains: TV commerce, TV banking, Electronic Programme Guide, information services ( weather forecast, news, etc. ), gaming, sports and so on

The platform development will allow access to tailored contents, to ideas launching, to experience description and to promotional activities in dedicated sections, and this might happen not only in hotels but also in production facilities or in touristic areas. By means of new interactive functions, it will be possible to customize scheduling and to deepen thematic channels.

Our company offers its skills for the realization of infrastructure and applications for multimedia content collection and delivery, available both from PC connected to network and from traditional devices (TV, displays and video projectors) by means of useful adapters (IP-audio/video decoder).

The management platform will be composed of different modules appositely developed: Video on demand, server, recorder, Electronic Programme Guide.

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